Europe between migrations, decolonization and integration (1945-1992)

Call for Papers – Seminar II: Mobility and Migrations in Europe: Perception and Representation

The research seminars on “Europe between migration, decolonization and integration (1945-1992)” look at the disappearing of colonial powers and at the European unification process not only as simultaneous proceedings, but also as two historical events that definined the course and the policies of postwar Europe.

Migrations have characterized both the processes: the disappearing of the colonial empires caused a large movement of people (the former colonizers as well as the former colonized people) from the extra-European countries to the “Old continent”; while the European integration project encouraged the movement of the European citizens within the Community. In both cases, migrations and mobility contributed to shape the way national communities, as well as the European one, have been imagining themselves and their identity boundaries.

Proceeding with the investigation started during the first seminar held in Forlì in March 2017, the second seminar will focus on the cultural aspects and on the collective imagination of the migration flows from the extra-European countries and of the mobility within the European borders, since the end of the Second World War until nowadays.

Scholars and researchers of all levels of experience are invited to submit proposals about the ways in which migrants and migrations from inside and outside Europe have been perceived and represented (through discourses or images) by media, national and international institutions, political parties, associations, educational institution. Special consideration will be given to proposals focused on the connections between these representations and both the processes of creation of the European Community and of re-creation of the European nations after the disappearing of empires.

The seminar will be held at the premises of the Historical Archives of the European Union in Florence, on 25 - 26 January 2018. Please submit presentation proposals (in Italian or English) of no more than 300 words and a brief biographical note to postwarmigrations@gmail.com byNovember 15th 2017. The list of accepted proposals will be notified by November 25th, 2017


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The Organizing Commitee: Andrea Becherucci (EUI); Fabio Casini (Punto Europa-Forlì); Valeria Deplano (Università di Cagliari); Giuliana Laschi (Università di Bologna-Forlì), Alessandro Pes (Università di Cagliari), Dieter Schlenker (EUI).

The Scientific Commitee: Paolo Bertella Farnetti (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia); Valeria Deplano (Università di Cagliari, Coordinatrice); Giuliana Laschi (Università di Bologna-Forlì); Luciano Marrocu (Università di Cagliari); Cecilia Novelli (Università di Cagliari); Alessandro Pes (Università di Cagliari).

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