Call for Papers: Migration Network of the Social Science History Association (SSHA)

41st Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago, Illinois, November 17-20, 2016. Conference Theme: "Beyond Social Science History: Knowledge in an Interdisciplinary World". Submission Deadline: February 20th, 2016

The SSHA is the leading interdisciplinary association for historical research in the US; its members share a common concern for interdisciplinary approaches to historical problems. The organization's long-standing interest in methodology also makes SSHA meetings exciting places to explore new solutions to historical problems. We encourage the participation of graduate students and recent PhDs as well as more-established scholars, from a wide range of disciplines and departments.
We hereby invite you to submit panels, papers, and posters related to the theme of migration widely defined for the forthcoming conference on “Beyond Social Science History: Knowledge in an Interdisciplinary World" in Chicago. We encourage submissions on all aspects of social science history. Submission of complete sessions and interdisciplinary panels are especially welcome.
The Migration Network is one of the largest and most active networks at the SSHA. This year’s theme focusing on interdisciplinary historical studies and that ways in which disciplinary boundaries have stretched to integrate new methodologies, data, tools from the physical and biological sciences, as well as literature, arts, medicine and technology offers especially rich opportunities for migration scholars.
We are seeking submissions that address the topics below. Related subjects and new ideas are also welcome:
Refugees, Public health and the Law
Public Policy and Refugees
Refugees and the “European Crisis,”
Gendering of Mobility: Refugees, Labor Migrants, Family unification
Migration, Mobility and Environmentalism (epidemiology public health, climate change)
Migration and the Digital Humanities
Forced and Free Migrations
Migration history in the Public Sphere
Narratives of Migration: Oral Histories and Storytelling
Emotions and Migration
Citizenship and the Law: Forms of Inclusion (birthright) and Forms of Deportation
Migration and Diplomacy
Migrants, Refugees and Grassroots politics
War and Migration
History, Memory and the shaping of Contemporary Migration Debates
Migration Scholars as Public Intellectuals
Teaching Migration: National Differences or Disciplinary Challenges
We are now accepting conference submissions for the 2016 SSHA Annual Conference. You may login to submit a panel or paper directly at (http://ssha.org). Individuals who are new to the SSHA need to create an account prior to using the online submission site. Please keep in mind that if your panel is accepted, every person on the panel has to register for the conference. Graduate students are eligible to apply for financial support to attend the annual meeting (see http://www.ssha.org/grants).
Please feel free to contact the Migration Network Representatives for comments, questions, assistance creating a panel or for help with submissions:
Marina Maccari-Clayton (mmaccari@utk.edu) Gráinne McEvoy (mcevoygr@gmail.com)
Linda Reeder (ReederLS@missouri.edu)
Look for us on Facebook: Migration/Immigration Network – Social Science History Association

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