Call for Papers IAR

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Italian American Review

Monuments, Memorials, and Italian Migrations

We are currently seeking contributions for an edited volume of the journal Italian American Review (IAR) on any aspect related to monuments, memorials, and Italian migrations. We seek articles that address a wide range of Italian migratory experiences including emigration, immigration, internal migration, and colonial subjects. We understand migrations to involve the voluntary or forced movement of peoples as well as of objects and ideas. We are interested in articles about physical objects that mark migration and/or objects that themselves have migrated and that engage with contemporary discussions of transnationalism, diaspora, and/or colonialism. We are also interested in essays that unpack the social-politics of the people involved in any one monument or marker.


Abstracts up to 500 words and a brief curriculum vitae are due by April 15, 2020.


For more information about the issue and how, when, and where to submit, please click here for a PDF of the entire Call for Papers

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